East Wenatchee Water District
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Customer Classification

The East Wenatchee Water District recognizes the following customer classifications:

Residential Customers
Dwellings that are individual structures located on the same parcel, each served by an individual meter.
Multi-Family Customers
2,3, & 4 dwelling units with service provided through a single meter. One meter serves all units.
Commercial Customers
All customers that do not fall under other classes are considered commercial. This also includes, but is not limited to: Multi live/work structures, apartment buildings (greater than 4 units combined total of all structures), manufactured home parks, condominium associations, and non-Industrial businesses.
Industrial Customers
Non-residential customers with business activities that are similar to the following: manufacturing or processing facilities that have high water use, or other factors that differentiate usage in regards to system impacts.
Irrigation Customers
A service solely to provide water for non-domestic, non-commercial, and non-industrial use that may reflect significant unique water impacts to the system. This includes, but is not limited to: irrigation systems, parks, fields, homeowner's association common areas, fill stations, and golf courses. Usage is typically pronounced in the summer months.
Fire Services
A service that is solely to supply water for fire suppression.
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